An Encyclopedia of terms, descriptions, explanations, and background of things, people, and places in the Anstractor Universe.

Anstractor - The New Phase

Universal • Casanian • Geralese • Meluvian • Traxian • Louine • Virulian • Tyheran (Northern Dialect)

  • Galaxies

    Anstractor is not the only galaxy, there are many more out there. This section of the WIKI will teach you about those galaxies, their planets and the continents, countries and more.

  • People

    The story of Anstractor has a number of heroes, villains, and colorful side characters that come in and out of the life of Rafian VCA. Check out this category to learn more about your favorite Marines.

  • Short Stories

    These shorts are side stories about some of the people or technology within the book series and will give people more insight into the more understated characters.